What it means to be post-human (2017-18) 10'00”
for vocal sextet with electro-acoustic augmentation
written for Ekmeles
score // recordings: video / audio

A Spike of Resistance (2017) 5'45”
for trio (open instrumentation)
written for Line Upon Line
score // recordings: videoaudio

Linguicide (2015) 6'30”
for vocal quartet with localized playback
written for Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
score // recordings: videoaudio

Vacuum of the Mind (2013) 7'30”
for clarinet, harp, violin, and cello
written for the ECCE at Etchings Festival
score // recordings: video / audio

Man with a Black Bag (2013) 7'
for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello
dedicated to Ran Blake
score // recordings: video / audio